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3D Image Commander allows designers to add a variety of fully customized 3d effects to their photos and images
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23 July 2010

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This software lets you add a range of 3D effects to your photographs.

3D effects help customize your photos and images to give them a unique look and makes them stand out. That should help catch eyeballs, whether it is a brochure you are creating or jazzing up a website. 3D Image Commander offers you a handy solution to do that. Create advanced thumbnails with cool 3D effects and styles. You will be able add copyright notice as a watermark. These watermarks could be like text comments or a logo. You can also use the text feature to place copyright notices on your images to fit with the manipulated image. 3D effects like 3D perspective, 3D curving, reflection, glow, shadow, corners and stroke can be added to a photo easily and quickly. The 3D effects are original (not a template) and can edited and adjusted completely in real time. The program features are easily understandable and quick and easy to use. Using 3D Image Commander, you can also create advanced thumbnails with various 3D styles. The process is fully customizable and takes only a few mouse clicks.

The software provides you a user-friendly and intuitive interface. There is no need to have special knowledge or any significant learning time. While the photos being manipulated are available on the left of the display area, the tools to create 3D effects are on the right. Each control with relevant settings is available as a distinct block. That makes it easy to select a particular photo from the thumbnails on the left and select the tool you want to use from the right and see the effect, in real time, in the display area. This is a tool worth the try if you do have this kind of work to be done.

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3d effects are a great way to customize your photos and images and give them that unique and special look that makes them stand out. Whether you need 3d effects for a brochure or images or your website or any other reason, 3D Image Commander offers you the ultimate solution. The software is a please to use, providing you with a user-friendly and intuitive interface that requires no special knowledge or steep learning curves to use. 3d effects can be fully customized and applied to images in real time. Effects such as perspective, shadow and curving amongst others are supported. You may also add text to the images to copy protect them. The software also includes a batch image processor so for those who work with hundreds or even thousands of images, this is an enormous time saver. Simply select and customize the effects that you want and let the software do the rest of the work for you, processing hundreds of images in a matter of minutes. To find out more about 3D Image Commander, pay a visit to
3D Image Commander
3D Image Commander
Version 2.20
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